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July 2018 | Online participation

Course "Trading Chaos"
3 places left

Practical Course on building a personal trading system based on the Trading Chaos strategy. The course focuses on practice in conjunction with the technical aspects of the strategy.

Open set

Have already trained 850 people

March 2018 | Online participation

The course "To become a cryptotrader from zero."

A solution that will allow you to start understanding the topic of cryptocurrency. We will tell you what strategies are exist and how corectly to create a portfolio to minimize risks.

Open set

March 2018 | Online participation

“Real Trading” course
12 places left

A gradual training course from beginner-trader to expert-trader. You will learn: how to properly analyze the market, what strategy to use, “read” the market and to keep up with market movement by protection your opened positions.

Open set

Have already applied 760 people

March 2018 | master class

Trading strategy in a falling market

We will talk how to stop depending on the jumps in the exchange rate and make profit stably and long-term.

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